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Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset

Oct 21, 2020

Mike Abrams: Media Literacy, Bias, Perspective, EdPuzzle, Google Sites, Fake Sites for Educational Purposes, Common Sense Media

#EduDuctTape S03-E048

Episode Notes Available at:

  • SoapBox Moment: "First Drafts & Rewrites"
    • “Your favorite authors’ first drafts are bad—no better than yours. However, they aggressively rewrite their first drafts.” - Julian Shapiro (post)
    • James Clear's tweet: "Your favorite athlete's first workout was just as bad as yours. Your favorite chef's first meal was just as bad as yours. Your favorite artist's first work was just as bad as yours. Keep going."
  • Today’s Guest: Mike Abrams
    • Mike is a tech specialist at a high school in Virginia who aims to inspire teachers to design lessons to support their students. Mike is a career switcher who moved into education after 10 years in Call Center management & training facilitation. Mike is a curious dabbler who tinkers with everything. He is an EdPuzzle Coach & a Pear Deck Regional Coach. Mike has a passion for video creation, pro wrestling & all things Cleveland Browns.
    • Contact Info: Twitter: @abramstank95, Email: (

  • Which of the following is less torturous?
  • Educational Duct Tape Question - As educators what strategies can we use to help students process media propaganda messages?
    • Show multiple perspectives
    • Look at examples: Instagram post about Usain Bolt having COVID-19 that actually shows a picture of Kevin Hart
    • Understanding the motive and reason that someone may post something misleading or untrue
    • Looking at similar stories from different perspectives
    • How to package a lesson where students view news videos from different sources then compare/contrast and reflect on them.
      • EdPuzzle - build in reflection questions and compare/contrast activities
      • Google Site - package all of that content into one location - even embed the EdPuzzles on the site!
    • Fake Sites to look at:
    • Be sure to combine fake sites with real sites that seem suspicious
    • History of Fake News Timeline from Common Sense Media
    • Look at historical events from 2 perspectives - American Revolution from the American perspective and the British perspective.
    • “There’s two sides to every story, but the truth lies right in the middle.”
    • Dragnet: “Just need the facts. Only the facts.”
    • Look at sites that link out to ads or posts to fake content (Yahoo, etc.), look for use of stock photography
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