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Educational Duct Tape

Oct 7, 2021

Joshua Stamper, author of ASPIRE to Lead and host of Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, joins me to talk about how we can use edtech to make managing restorative practice and PBIS more efficient, giving us more time to focus on the relationship piece.

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Sep 24, 2021

Jen Giffen, Shukes and Giff the Podcast co-host, Shake Up Learning trainer, and Google Innovator joins me to talk about how she creates her amazing sketchnotes!

Sep 15, 2021

In this bonus episode, I chat with Fonz Mendoza on his podcast and YouTube Live show My EdTech Life about my challenges as a teacher in 2020-21, the offensive notion of learning loss, balancing family and work, and balancing my classroom work with my work as a podcaster, author, and speaker. Also, I unveil a new...

Aug 31, 2021

Today, Tony Vincent of and Shapegrams takes over the #EduDuctTape controls to interview me - Jake - about my new book Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset. Don’t miss out on the fun and games!

*** This episode is also available as a VIDEO! You can check it out at this link:

Aug 27, 2021

Tune in to hear how you can win a free copy of the Educational Duct Tape book for a friend or a colleague!

Check out the book on Amazon here: (Affiliate Link)