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Educational Duct Tape

Sep 24, 2020

#EduDuctTape S03-E047

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  • SoapBox Moment: Booboos & Caterwauls
  • Today's Guest: Tisha Poncio
    • Tisha Poncio has served in education for the last 20 years as a teacher (English, Web Design, Graphic Design, Computer Information Systems, & Broadcast Journalism)...

Sep 8, 2020

Scott Nunes, Building Rapport with EdTech, Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Flipgrid, Microsoft Presenter Coach, EduProtocols, Gimkit Kitroduce Yourself, and more!

#EduDuctTape S03-E046

Episode Notes Available at:

  • Support for Today’s Episode comes from Pear Deck –

Aug 20, 2020

#EduDuctTape S03-E045

Episode Notes Available at:

Aug 7, 2020

#EduDuctTape S03-E044

#EduDuctTape -- -- @JakeMillerTech -- --

Show Notes:

  • Support for Today’s Episode comes from Pear Deck -
  • Show Your Duct Taper Pride!
    • Apple Podcast Reviews! #EduDuctTape!...

Jul 17, 2020

Screencastify or Loom? Trying to decide which of the two big dogs in classroom screencasting to use? Well, I've got your back. And not only do I have your back, but I have it in 4 formats: text, infographic, video, and podcast. Choose your flavor and get your learn on!

If you decide to use one of them, check out my