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Educational Duct Tape

Oct 7, 2020

Episode Notes Available at:

  • Today’s Guest: Jenna Drozd
    • @MrsDrozd_BMS - Technology Integration Specialist, Fab Lab Manager, Digital Photography Teacher, and Video Production Teacher for the Orange City School District in Ohio
    • Interview Recorded February 12, 2020 on location at the OETC Conference in Columbus, OH

    • Jenna had to remind students to take their photos in the Camera app, not within SnapChat, Instagram, or other social media tools
    • Students submitted their work in Google Classroom
    • Students showcased their work and growth in Adobe Spark Page digital portfolios.
    • Adobe Photoshop
      • Frankenstein Monster Project - using Photoshop to combine different body parts to create a monster
      • PhotoShop learning curve - Jenna estimates that it took her 8th graders around 1-1.5 months in her 2-day/week class to get comfortable with Adobe Photoshop, which works out to roughly 8-12 class periods
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