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Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset

Jan 30, 2019

In Episode 6, Jake talks with Sean Fahey about student voice, sharing student creations, FlipGrid & Wakelet amongst other things. Jake also talks about moving forward with tech integration and shares from the listeners about Blabberize.

  • Educational Duct Tape FlipGrid Community - access at or
  • #EduDuctTape Twitter Contest - ends 1/31/19!
  • Educational Duct Tape from FlipGrid:
  • Jake’s SoapBox
    • “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Today’s Guest: Sean Fahey - Sean Fahey is a former elementary and middle school teacher from Southern Indiana. Currently, he works as an Innovative Learning Specialist with Five-Star Technology Solutions. In this role, Sean collaborates with teachers and guides them as an eCoach to help integrate technology into classrooms and make awesome learning experiences for students.
  • Flipgrid ebook - coauthored w/ Karly Moura
  • An Impromptu “Newlywed Game” with Sean
  • Wakelet ebook - Authors - Sean, Karly, Dr. Randall Sampson, Jen Saarinen, Scott Titmas, Claudio Zavala Jr., Paul West, John Bimmerle
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Question #1: How can teachers show off Student Creations (or have the students show off their own creations)?
    • Sean: “Make sure you are designing lessons to ensure students are creating.”
    • Teacher created websites for showcasing exemplary work
    • Google Sites -
    • Weebly -
    • Sean: “Are we creating an environment that students feel confident in their creations and can share openly and get feedback. The students should know that the work they do adds value to others learning and understanding?”
    • Students need to have opportunities and choices to create with freedom of expression.
    • Google Drawings activity: Everyone follows the teacher’s spoken instructions (i.e., “use the line tool, now draw a rectangle”), then show how each student’s creation is unique. -
    • Sean: “It doesn’t mean they are wrong...but everyone is different and we all add value to the learning in my classroom.”
    • Student Digital Portfolios
    • Example of one of Jake’s old student digital portfolios -
    • Jake: “It is important that portfolios aren’t just showing off the amazing work, they’re showing off the amazing growth.  And to do that, you have to say ‘This is the work that I started with and it’s not perfect and these are the things that are not great about it. This is the work that I’m doing now and this is the growth that I’ve seen.’”
  • Question #2: How can educators ensure that all students get an opportunity to be heard and have the opportunity to share? - #EduDuctTape

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