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Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset

Jan 17, 2019

EDT004 Show Notes


In Episode 4, Jake tells an #EduDuctTape story from his days as a math teacher, then welcomes in Andy Wheelock to discuss tools for student collaboration and for creating unique experiences for teaching historical events.

  1. Educational Duct Tape FlipGrid Community - access at or - you can win free stickers!
  2. #EduDuctTape Twitter Contest - you can win free stickers!
  3. Jake’s SoapBox Moments -
  4. Today’s Guest: Andrew Wheelock - Andy is an educator, husband and father of 3!.... after 13 years as an elementary teacher, he slowly found himself gravitating to teaching and learning with technology. He is a technology integrator for Erie 1 BOCES/WNYRIC.  He travels around Western New York helping teachers harness technology for teaching and learning. Co Chair of ISTE Virtual Environments Network Please follow Andy at @amwheelock and see what he's up to at
  5. 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  6. #EduDuctTape Question 1: What are some good tools for Large Scale (either group size or project size) Collaboration?
  7. #EduDuctTape Question 2: How can we give students a unique and deeper understanding of historical events and locations?
  8. Closing - Please follow Andy at @amwheelock, see what he’s up to at  Contact him at or if you have questions!
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  11. FlipGrid Community feedback - #EduDuctTape

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