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Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset

Feb 18, 2021

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  • Today's Sponsor: Texthelp EquatIO -
  • Soapbox Moment: “Granny Shots & Better Ways”
    • The premise of this is based on an episode of Malcolm Gladwell and Pushkin’s Revisionist History Podcast:
  • Today’s Guest: Joe Marquez
    • Joe is an educator, technology leader and the Director of Academic Innovation for CUE. His innovative spirit, outgoing attitude and outrageous personality has granted him the wonderful opportunity to speak, train and collaborate with educators across the world. Joe is also the co-host of the Sons of Technology Podcast. #DitchThatFear
    • @JoeMarquez70,,
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Educational Duct Tape Question:  How can I make tasks more UDL-friendly?
    • You have to look at both the delivery and the reception
    • How are you going to make a lesson more accessible in a virtual or hybrid instructional setting?
    • Hybrid vs. concurrent
    • Teacher-student bookend
    • Joe’s 3 filters: inspect, redirect, make correct
    • Pear Deck
    • Nearpod - audio responses are huge for UDL
    • How are you understanding what they’re understanding while they’re reading -
      • Like EdPuzzle for text
      • Start with text (pdf, copy and paste), add in prompts & questions, highlight things… students respond with text, audio
      • vision button allows students to see each others’ highlights
    • Flipgrid
    • Reading is based off of writing from author’s perspective and reading from reader’s perspective
    • Student end:
  • Celebration of the Adjacent Possible
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