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Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset

Jan 8, 2020

#EduDuctTape S02-E034

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  • More Questions:
    • Is closed captioning beneficial for learners without auditory handicaps in videos & live presentations?
      • “You learn less than if you would have just shut your eyes and listened or shut your ears and looked at the words.”
      • Are giving notes beneficial for learners with auditory handicaps?  What about learners without auditory handicaps?
      • Universal Design for Learning
      • Blended Learning
    • Sketch noting
      • Sketch-noting & doodling
      • Give time for recall 
    • Collaborative note-taking
      • Jared recommends doing collaborative note-taking after live discussions or lectures (or at breaks in the discussion) 
    • Spatial recall - ebooks
      • Screen-reading negatively impacts learning & memory if content is more than 3 pages
      • We expect to use a screen a certain way
      • “Form follows function” - Louis Sullivan



  • Content from the Duct Taper Community
    • This Episode’s Apple Podcast Review: Mr. Gway