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Educational Duct Tape: An EdTech Integration Mindset

May 23, 2019

#EduDuctTape S01-E022

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  • Jake’s Upcoming Events



  • Jake’s SoapBox Moment - “We Don’t Have Time to Rush”
  • Today’s Guest: Dr. Alec Couros - Alec is a Professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. He has given hundreds of workshops and presentations, nationally and internationally, on topics such as openness in education, networked learning, social media in education, digital citizenship, and critical media literacy. His graduate and undergraduate courses help current and future educators understand how to use and take advantage of the educational potential offered by the tools of connectivity.



  • Which of the following is less torturous? (Would you rather?)
  • Question #1: How can we help students develop a skeptic’s mindset?
  • Why develop a skeptic’s mindset?
  • Spearphishing Emails


    • Marshall McLuhan - “One of the effects of living with electric information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There's always more than you can cope with.”
    • Filter Bubbles
    • Confirmation Bias
    • Fake News
  • Ernest Hemingway - “The essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof, ******** detector.”
  • Strategies:
    • Bringing in real-world examples
    • “How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion” YouTube Video -
    • Discussing Believability & Bias
    • Lateral Reading - thinking more about the source than the content - moving from page to page to research WHO is saying this and why they might say it
    • “Think about the messenger.” - Alec
    • Zen Moments - “My Favorite Liar” -
    • Having students find the fake sites out of a collection of fake and real ones to develop their strategies for site evaluation
    • Discussion of available fake sites & the CRAAP Test on #EduDuctTape S1E08 -
  • Catfishing schemes - “trust” schemes




  • Question #2 : How can we teach (digital) citizenship in authentic ways?
  • Having a POSITIVE Digital Footprint


  • Students as creators
  • Sharing within the classroom with tools like Flipgrid
  • Sharing outside of the classroom with tools like digital portfolios


  • “How can we thin the walls for students  over time?”


  • “How are you doing learning in these spaces?”
  • Digital Portfolio options that Alec mentioned:
  • Supporting students and young adults in developing their own spaces on the web that can craft their own identity
  • Helping kids assimilate to sharing within walled gardens in school to support them when they have the chance to do it in their lives.
  • Helping kids understand the “why” of what we share and who we share it  with
  • Context collapse
  • Stop instilling so much fear of isolated online mistakes - “help students do and share so much positive that it drowns their negative mistakes out”


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  • This Week’s Apple Podcast Reviews: SHS tech Guy, WindyDaze


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